An ineffable deity of deities, the Ur-God who builds realities and watches over all.

The Pantokrator is the relatively unknown figure that it is said the rest of the pantheon is known to have descended from in some way, shape, or form. The Pantrokrator is said to be the builder of the Garden of the World, in which the respective Houses exist with their deities.

The Alignments

It is said in religious texts that the Pantokrator looked upon the Garden of the World and considered the sun, moon, light, and shadow. He considered the land, sea, sky, and the stars beyond, where limitless things awaited.

It is said that after ten years of gazing upon the world, the Pantokrator removed the skin of his face and fashioned it into a mask. He took some of the light of the moon, and the face of the sun, and crafted two more masks. In so doing, part of the moon was cast in shadow until the Pantokrator puts the Mask of the Moon on, and none may look into the face of the sun, for it has been taken by the Pantokrator. To look into the Mask of the Pantokrator is to look into the heart of the world, and one shall know many things before their existence is extinguished from Erde.


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