The Sun

When the Dungeon Hazard occurred it is said that the sky was completely covered in labyrinths and dungeons, but still the light of the sun shone through to the world below. Impossibly so. Cracks in the dungeon works above cast giant shafts of light on huge portions of the land while leaving some others permanently wreathed in shadow or other unnatural light.

It is said that if one stares into the sun for too long, they will lose their vision forever. However, some have said there are a people that gaze into the sun and instead gain vision instead! When asked, some few of these reclusive peoples say that it is because the Pantokrator is smiling on them…

The Moon

Where the Sun is concerned, so too is the Moon. Unlike the Sun, the Moon is visible in all areas of the Infinite Dungeon, to the point where it has become a key navigational fixture to sailors and Specialists alike. The tides rise and fall as the Moon appears and disappears as it always has, but some say the Moon is not what it was before the Hazard…

The Stars

What stars?

For 3,000 years there have been no celestial bodies other than the Moon and the Sun. At some point, it is theorized that the word “Stars” may have referred to other Moons and Suns, and that they were without number. Time is forgetful, however, and people only use the word ‘stars’ as a colloquialism – nobody has ever seen a star before to really define it, but some posit that it is the River of Souls, where the dead are eventually ferried to.


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