Character Creation

General Information

  • Standard character generation
  • Niche protection is ON (subject to change)
  • Core rules only
  • Number Appearing is currently NOT allowed

Additional Materials

Certain additional rules are currently not available for character creation, such as Monstrous Races from Number Appearing. Over time, these additional races and other extra rules presented in other Adventures or Supplements will be introduced to the setting and unlocked for players, giving them the ability to change their character as they see fit via in-character methods – see Soul Transmigration.

Play By Post Guidelines

To streamline and facilitate conflict resolution and faster gameplay in a Play By Post environment, the following is intended for players when making posts in a game thread.

When a player makes a Move or action…

  • Intent – What are they trying to accomplish? Utilize in character actions to describe in a narrative way what is happening.
  • Method – How is this being accomplished? If a die roll is necessary, the player makes the die roll with the result.
  • Contingency – What happens if they fail? This gives a tip to the GM in order to see what the player hopes to avoid as a consequence and can be utilized when resolving a partial success or a miss.

Missing Players – Live Games only

Players who are absent at a session will have their characters retained as a Guest. They may contribute information but will never participate in a combat situation, and for all intents and purposes are considered non party members. If the party is defeated, the character is presumed to have fled without any loot and only the items they entered the dungeon with.

Character Rotation

If a player feels that they are not enjoying their particular character, they can temporarily retire the character and create a new one at the same Level/Experience as the other players. They will not have the same loot, but they will be at the same power tier. This is explicitly designed for people who are actually not enjoying their character! It is not meant to be abused in such a way that it fills in gaps in the party because someone is missing one week.

Characters can be rotated once every four sessions, or at the GM’s discretion (for Play by Post games).

Character Creation

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