Character Boilerplate

A System Document

This is your general section for what defines you in a basic sense as a character.

Who You Are

Three thousand years of exploring the Dungeon Hazard have turned up precious little as to why the Dungeon Hazard occurred; however, people have carved lifestyles through iron will and cunning wit. In the past three thousand years and the upheaval since then, countless small factions have arisen and carved out a small societies or kingdoms in the constantly expanding Hazard. New areas are uncovered daily, and there is a race to lay claim to these new Zones.

What You Do

You will be assuming the guise of a Hazard Specialist, the current term for adventurers looking to delve into the mystery of the Dungeon Hazard. A party of Specialists is referred to as a Hazard Squad, which answers to one of the many Hazard Guilds available. With your Squad, your daily life is full of danger, but the potential rewards are great.

Why You Do It

Your end game typically involves making enough money through the Dungeon Hazard Ecosystem that you will be able to retire and never have to worry about anything for the rest of your days, instead spending them getting fabulously drunk with your equally fabulous wealth. Perhaps you have an orphanage that you’re trying to support, or an ailing spouse that needs an Item of Legend to be cured, or you are seeking vindication from becoming outcast. Perhaps you are even one of the select few who actually is genuinely interested in the Dungeon Hazard itself, though many may think you eccentric in this world.

How You Do It

Hazard Specialists organize into semi-permanent Danger Squads, a collection of which forms a greater association called a Hazard Guild. Earning your keep as a Specialist typically involves the following work flow:

  • Claim a newly explored Hazard Zone. Zones with higher Threat Levels will yield greater rewards, but have significantly greater risks!
  • Assemble your Hazard Squad. Core members are taken in and any mercenaries, hirelings, or beasts of burden are recruited for your expedition.
  • Explore the Zone directly with your Squad, retrieving Items of Worth and Baubles of Lore that may be useful in Dungeon Hazard Research.
  • Secure the Hazard Core, typically defended by a Guardian of some kind.

Expedition Outcomes

  • Victory: You successfully lay claim to the Hazard Zone and acquire it for your Guild, wherein you are summarily rewarded based on the Assessed Threat Level of the Zone. You may also choose to assume ownership of the Zone and create a new Society or Hazard Guild, if you have the funds available.
  • Retreat: You do not retrieve the Hazard Core, but instead you escape with whatever loot your Squad can handle. You may incur additional losses, and leaving this Zone will cause any and all monsters and traps to regenerate!
  • Defeat: Battered and broken, any survivors who manage to Retreat make it back to town, leaving their newly-deceased comrades behind. They must reform their Squad via R/R (Resurrection or Recruiting) and attempt the Zone again, or look for something easier…

Character Boilerplate

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