Hazard Resonator


This item is intended for locating Hazard Cores. Upon entering a new Hazard Zone, the Resonator will affix to the Core and begin slowly pulsing with a mysterious energy. As a Hazard Squad draws nearer to the Core, the Resonator will begin to vibrate with increasing intensity until its holder has a clear line of sight to the Core, whereupon it changes color and ceases activity until a new Resonation.

These tools are said to be fashioned from broken Hazard Cores, and they are considered to be a Key Item.

Hazard Resonators have a somewhat curious tendency to show up back at a Guild hall if lost within a few days, even if it was dropped down a Bottomless Pit. As a result, it is considered poor form to lose a Resonator – unless its owner and their Squad died, of course.


Hazard Resonator

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